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The Alberta pulp and paper consortium has completed over 20 years of research and contributed millions of dollars to research best practices for mechanical sludge utilization.  The mechanical sludge utilization research partially summarized here is structured to aid various industries in understanding of the work completed from the early nineties to present.

Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC), a joint venture of The Stern Group (Whitecourt Newsprint Company Limited Partnership) and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of premium newsprint. ANC is labeled by FPAC as a Mechanical (MECH) mill.  Located in Whitecourt, AB, Alberta Newsprint, is ranked amongst the highest in the world for quality and efficiency. The mill produces mainly standard newsprint as well as rotogravure paper for the North American market.

Millar Western Forest Products – Whitecourt Pulp Division’s (Millar) bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulping (BCTMP) process combines heat, mild chemicals and mechanical action to produce a wide range of high-quality, totally chlorine-free pulp grades. Characteristics such as bulk, stiffness and opacity make BCTMP highly suitable for products such as fine printing and writing papers, paperboard, specialty papers, tissue and toweling.

  • Millar’s pulp incorporates fibre from aspen, a fast-growing, abundant hardwood species that regenerates naturally, as well as from residual softwood chips generated as a byproduct of lumber production at the neighboring sawmill. 
  • The BCTMP process yields up to twice as much pulp per tree as the kraft process. 
  • Millar uses hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent that, unlike chlorine, breaks down harmlessly in the environment. 

With an annual production capacity of 310,000 tonnes, Millar Western serves customers in all major pulp consuming regions, including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Slave Lake Pulp (SLP) produces approximately 220,000 tonnes per year of bleached chemi-termomechanical pulp (BCTMP) that is produced from aspen (hardwood) sold under the name brand Ranger. Ranger pulps are perfectly suited for uncoated and coated printing and writing papers, specialty papers, board, and selected tissue applications. SLP produces products that offer the market a variety of desired qualities including, consistent bulk and stiffness, high opacity, excellent formation and smoothness, target brightness and freeness levels.

SLP distributes products all over the globe. The mill mainly loads into 70 ton rail cars, both for shipment to North American customers, and to the docks and container stuffing facilities in the Vancouver area for off-shore export.