Land Application Guidelines

Standards and guidelines for the land application of mechanical pulp mill sludge to agricultural land were developed by Alberta Newsprint Company, Millar Western Pulp, Slave Lake Pulp, Alberta Environment, Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development,  and the Alberta Research Council. 

 The guidelines which were based on the research work performed were developed:

  • to ensure that land application is conducted in a manner that protects human health and the environment
  • to provide best management practices for the land application of mechanical pulp mill sludge
The guidelines provide a description of requirements for:
  • Sludge generators
    • sludge characterization assessment
    • record keeping and reporting
  • Sludge users
    • receiving soil and area suitability
    • application methods and procedures (rate, maximum slopes, set back distances from residences and watercourses)

Rationale for land application of mechanical pulp sludge:

  • Sludge improves nutrient status and physical properties of soil resulting in enhanced plant growth.
  • When applied appropriately, sludge improves soil quality.
  • Volume of sludge landfilled or incinerated is substantially reduced/eliminated.