Operational Agricultural Sludge Application

Research initiated in 1991 demonstrated the benefit of land application of sludge on agricultural land.  Based on these results, operational landspreading on farm fields began in 1993.

Regulatory requirements associated with operational sludge spreading on farm fields evolved with time.  Initial requirements included:

  • One time only maximum application of 25 dry t/ha
  • Pre and post-application soil sampling in 15 and 20 cm intervals to 3 m at 6-10 random locations for each 16 ha parcel of land (1 sample/5 ha)
  • Soil analyses were to be conducted for the following parameters: pH, EC, SAR, %saturation, soluble ions, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, Total Kjeldahl N, Total Organic Carbon 
Pre and post-application sampling indicated that any changes in soil pH, C:N ratio, EC, soluble Na, and SAR were not significant in terms of impacting soil quality rating.