Block 1018


  • Operational sludge spreading in the eastern portion of Block 1021018 (1018) began on August 28, 2000. Activities included:
    • 3 sludge application rates; 0 t/ha, 30 t/ha and 50 t/ha
    • Baseline soil samples collected from all areas in 2001
    • 200 juvenile pine trees were tagged in the control plots and 125 in each of the 30 t/ha and 50 t/ha treatments
    • Tree heights and diameters were measured from 2000 to 2007, and 2010.


  • Field observations indicated that pine trees in the sludge amended treatments were a deeper green color and showed better growth than those in the control plots. 
  • Tree diameters in the 30 t/ha application were slightly larger than the tree diameters in the 50 t/ha applications, however the difference between the two treatments was very small.