The Berland Gravel Pit demonstrates that

  • Soil chemistry data indicated that there were no concerns with surface pH, EC or SAR.  
  • Soluble ions were elevated at the surface indicating additional nutrients were present for plant use. 

The ANC Mill Site Reclamation experiment showed that

  • Pre and post application sampling indicated that any changes in pH, C:N ratio, EC, soluble Na, and SAR were not significant in terms of soil quality.

The Sludge Utilization in Alpine Reclamation experiment showed that

  • The sludge amendment resulted in excellent and uniform grass establishment. 

The Sludge Utilization for Hydrocarbon Remediation experiment showed that

  • Primary sampling locations met AB Tier 1 criteria for F1 and F4 petroleum hydrocarbons (PHC).
  • Significant reductions occurred in the F2 and F3 PHC fractions however AB Tier 1 criteria were still exceeded.

The Disturbed Forest/Reclaimed Road Trial experiment 

  • There were no real differences in tree performance with summer or winter sludge application.
  • Site treatment prior to sludge application can have a major influence on the ability of sludge to have a positive impact on vegetative performance.